Denver’s Best Shoe Shine

This is a well-managed and operated shoeshine and shoe repair service. My mission is to provide customers with the highest quality of shoeshine and the most reliable service. I am Christine, the owner of DBSS. I have worked for six years in the shoe shine industry at DIA, and at Nordstrom, Park Meadows. I have extensive knowledge and experience of shining shoes, both leather and suede. Your shoes are in trustworthy hands.

**If you have any special requests for your shoes, please take the time to write any details on this order form. For example, if you prefer cream on your shoes; or you want me to be heavy on the wax; or if you don’t want them to be super glossy; or if you want any significant change in the shoe. I will make sure I meet your expectations. I appreciate your patronage. Call 720-629-9463 with any questions.

Please fill the form out and submit, an e-mail with the details will be sent direct to us.